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Follow This Route to Enjoy the Nature of Coban Talun Pine Forest

Follow This Route to Enjoy the Nature of Coban Talun Pine Forest Hutan Alas Pinus Coban Talun Kota Batu. (FOTO: Istimewa)
Tuesday, 20 March 2018 - 11:29

TIMESHONGKONG, BATU – Even though it is still considered as new, the nature resort destination Coban Talun Pine Forest, Batu City, East Java, has attracted tourists’ interest. Not only in weekend, many people also utilize this tourist destination to learn and play in weekdays.

“Most of the visitors is from private institutes or schools in weekdays. In holidays, the visitors are from the public society and governmental instance,” Antok, the manager of Coban Talun Pine Forest, explained.

A number of visitors in this resort admitted the beauty of the nature. As a matter of fact, the visitors directly view the beautiful nature atmosphere. The terrific pine forest is outspread in front of them.

“It is simply beautiful and exciting. It is a suitable place to relieve exhaustion of city environment,” Amin Sugiantto, a visitor from Surabaya, claimed.

Alas-Pinus-7.jpgHutan Alas Pinus Coban Talun Kota Batu. (FOTO: Istimewa)

Similar statement is expressed by Rani Asmani. The Junior High School teacher in Sidoarjo felt interesting thing when she observed the outbond course in the resort location. For an instance was when the participants were asked to preserve the cleanness by differentiating the organic and non-organic trashes.

<p><img alt="Alas-Pinus-7.jpg" src="" style="height:auto; width:100%" /><span style="font-size:11px"><em>Hutan Alas Pinus Coban Talun Kota Batu. (FOTO: Istimewa)</em></span></p>

“We really can learn together. We learn how to keep the nature balance,” Rani said.

So how to get to the location of Coban Talun Pine Forest resort? It is not difficult to search for this place. It is because Coban Talun name has been very popular in Batu. The waterfall in Coban Talun has been well-known. Coban Talun Pine Forest is in the area.

From the Batu city square, TIMES Lovers can head to the north for about 4 kilometers. There will be a clear direction to this resort location. Even the surrounding people will gladly guide the direction.

“The access is quite easy to reach. Public transportation also reaches the place. Big vehicles can also enter the access,” Andi, one of the visitors, described.

For those who are keen of gadget, you can just search for the location in Google Maps. It is easy, isn’t it? For the details, you can also visit Coban Talun Pine Forest official website on Happy holiday while learning! (d/*)

Writer : Erwan Widyarto
Editor : Hernina Dewi Lestari
Publisher : Rochmat Shobirin