FTTE of Unitomo Holds a Mathematics Olympic in East Java

FTTE of Unitomo Holds a Mathematics Olympic in East Java Mathematics Olympic held by FTTE of Unitomo followed by hundreds of Senior High School/ Vocational High School participants, Saturday (17/3/2018). (PHOTO: Special)
Sunday, 18 March 2018 - 10:46

TIMESHONGKONG, JAKARTA – Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FTTE) of University of Dr. Soetomo (Unitomo) Surabaya, held the Mathematics Olympic.

With the theme of "Mastery Math Towards the Existing Generation", this activity was followed by 350 students of Senior High School/ Vocational High School/ Islamic High School for both public and private school. "The enthusiasm of the participants is very remarkable, hopefully this event can be a forum for participants in sharpening the skills of mathematics science," said Vice Rector 3 of Student Affairs, Suyanto, while giving a speech in opening the event, Saturday (17/3/2018).

Met on the sidelines of the activity, Nuky Maulana, the chief executive of the event, explained that this Mathematics Olympic is different from the previous one which is only Surabaya level. Now, the range of participants is East Java.

"There are as many as 42 Senior High School, Vocational High School, and Islamic High School which participated in this math olympics", explained the student of Language and Literature Education Department of FTTE.

Nuky added that there were about 350 participants will be selected to be 50 participants, then taken into 6 participants for champion. "We immediately select for the winner today, so that the hundreds of participants who participated could immediately race to reach the final round and win the champion", added this glasses man.

Farda Auwalia, Student of SMAN 12 Surabaya succeeded as the first champion after setting aside hundreds of other participants. "I am very happy to win the championship, but this is my motivation to be more active in learning and practicing to join the next math olympics", she said.

Besides Farda, there is Geoffrey Bryan Lion from Catholic High School St. Louis 1 Surabaya who won 2nd place and Kelvin Tenata from St. Catholic High School Louis 1 Surabaya.

In contrast to the names of the champions, there is Shisilia Mitra Novita from Wachid Hasyim 2 Sidoarjo High School who earned the 1st Runner Up, Abdillah Ahmad from Islam Incen High School Baitul Izzah Nganjuk got 2nd Runner Up and for the 3rd Runner Up achieved by Matheus Aaron from Catholic High School St. Louis 1 Surabaya. (*)

Writer : Lely Yuana
Editor : Ike Dian Puspitasari
Publisher : Rizal Dani