The Poem by Zawawi Imron in Mengaji at UIN Malang

The Poem by Zawawi Imron in Mengaji at UIN Malang The Rector, along with the Ministry of Religion, Zawari Imron, Alissa Wahid (PHOTO: AJP/TIMES Indonesia)
Tuesday, 09 October 2018 - 18:55

TIMESHONGKONG, MALANG – Zawawi Imron, a humanist, read a poem about Indonesia in the event of Mengaji at the Main Court in UIN Malang on Monday (8/10).

UIN Malang held a general discussion which was attended by around 10,000 participants. This event brought a theme of the Synergy of Indonesia and this event was enlivened by a poem read by D Zawawi Imron.

Here is the poem by D Zawawi Imron

Saya mengawali dengan Astaghfirullah Indonesia, (I started with Astaghfirullah, Indonesia)

Alhamdulillah Indonesia. (Alhamdulillah Indonesia)

Kenapa kita harus cinta Indonesia? Kita semua minum air Indonesia, (Why should we love Indonesia? We drink the water in Indonesia)

Dan itu menjadi darah kita. Kita makan beras dan buah Indonesia, (and it becomes our blood. We eat rice and fruits in Indonesia)

Dan itu menjadi daging kita. (and it becomes our flesh)

Kita sujud di bumi Indonesia, berarti Indonesia menjadi sajadah kita. (We prostrate on the land of Indonesia, which means that Indonesia has our prayer mat)

Saat kita mati, kita akan kembali dalam pelukan bumi Indonesia (When we die, we will get back to the land of Indonesia)

Siapa yang mencintainya, jangan mencipratinya dengan darah, (To those who love Indonesia, don’t pour blood on it)

Kebencian, dan permusuha (hatred and rivalry)

Siapa yang cinta Indonesia, akan mengisinya dengan ketakwaan, kerukunan. (To those who love Indonesia, they will fill it with piety and harmony)

Tanah air kita adalah sajadah kita tempat kita bersujud kepada Allah. (Our homeland is our prayer mat to worship God)

According to this humanist, this was his way to depict Hubbul Wathon Minal Iman that he got from the Islamic boarding school.

 “To make a good country, we should have a great heart,” said a writer from Sumenep.

This event of Mengaji was attended by more than 10,000 from UIN Malang and other universities. (*)

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