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How to prevent Motion sickness while travelling? Here’re Tips

How to prevent Motion sickness while travelling? Here’re Tips Prevent Motion Sickness. (PHOTO: Airy Rooms Blog)
Friday, 28 December 2018 - 11:25

TIMESHONGKONG, JAKARTA – The end of the year is often used for vacation together with family. However, this moment can be a little disturbed if you get motion sickness. Motion sickness can occur slowly, it doesn't always react suddenly. This condition caused by a conflict that occurs between the stimuli received by the body's balance system. In order not to interfere your travel, you should find the right way to prevent motion sickness.

Based on the advice of Dr. Sara Elise Wijonodari, which was released from Klik Dokter, you can do a number of tips below to prevent motion sickness while on vacation.

1. Eat before starting the trip

You shouldn't travel on an empty stomach. It is important to fill the stomach before traveling, and the type of food recommended to consume is low fat type.

You can bring snacks during the trip. You would better to bring dried fruit free of added sugar or nuts.

2. Look at the window of your vehicle

If your sitting position is at the back passenger seat, you are advised to look at the window as long as the trip compared to continuously seeing the area inside the car. Views of green rice fields or beautiful trees are considered capable to overcome nausea due to motion sickness.

3. Become a driver

If it is possible, one way to avoid getting motion sickness is to be the driver of a car. Becoming a driver or rider will keep you in control of the movement of the car, so you can also predict the direction of movement.

4. Select the front area of seat

If you can't become a driver, you should choose a seat in the front area. It allows you to observe the road from the windshield. Your visual system will respond to the movement of scenery, and adjust it to stimuli from the vestibular system.

By sitting in the front seat, it is easier for you to estimate the movement of the vehicle because you can also pay attention to the stop signs, walking signs, and so on.

5. Consume medicine

Prepare drug to prevent motion sickness just in case. However, you mustn't ignore the side effects that can occur. It's a good idea to consult a doctor before using these drugs.

End of year holidays are moments to gather and have fun with family and loved ones. But if travel sickness strikes when you are enjoying a year-end vacation, it will be very disturbing. To keep fun in your vacation, follow the tips above to prevent motion sickness. (*) 

Writer : Deasy Mayasari
Editor : Atho'illah
Publisher : Lucky Setyo Hendrawan