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Various Sources of Vegetable Protein for a Healthy Diet

Various Sources of Vegetable Protein for a Healthy Diet Consuming broccoli as the source of vegetable protein for a healthy diet. (PHOTO: thinkstock)
Friday, 12 April 2019 - 17:40

TIMESHONGKONG, JAKARTA – Protein is an essential nutrition needed by our body that can be found in animal meats or vegetables. Those who are on a healthy diet, usually do not consume animal protein. However, they should get the sufficient protein intake from the vegetable protein for a healthier body. There are various vegetable protein resources that are good for your diet.

1. Lentils

This legume contains 18 gram protein in one cup. This amount is more than one third than your daily protein need. Lentils could be found in markets, dried or canned. If you consume dry lentils, soak them in water and keep them inside the refrigerator for several hours. You can make lentils as the ingredient of soup, salad topping, or dipping sauce.

2. Edamame

Half cup of edamame contains 8 gram protein, or 20% of the total protein that you need. Usually, edamame is steamed. If you want to give it some taste, you may add some salt or chili powder.

3. Asparagus

This kind of vegetable could be used as soup ingredients or the side dish of grilled meat or steak. In fact, ten spears of asparagus contain 4 gram protein. However, you should not consume it too much because it could make your urine smell terrible.

4. Beet

Beet contains 2.2 gram protein. Besides, beet also contains healthy polyunsaturated fat. Most people do not like bit because it tastes like dirt. But you can solve this problem by making it into smoothie and add some other vegetables or fruits, such as carrot, apple, banana, or honey.  

5. Potato

Not only containing carbohydrate, potato also contains some essential proteins. One potato contains 4 gram protein. If you want to get a bigger protein intake, you may choose purple potato, which contains around 6 gram protein.

6. Broccoli

One cup of raw broccoli contains 2.5 grams protein and 31 calories. The best way to cook broccoli is by steaming it. By steaming it, the protein level will increase into 4 gram. In fact, steaming broccoli does not reduce the nutritional value of broccoli.

Those are six sources of vegetable protein that should be consumed when you are on a healthy diet. However, you should get sufficient intake of other nutrients for a healthy body. (*)

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