The World's Sexy Killers Day

The World's Sexy Killers Day Finsensius Yuli Purnama, a lecturer at FIKOM, Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya. (Grafis: Dena/TIMES Indonesia)
Tuesday, 23 April 2019 - 23:04

TIMESHONGKONG, JAKARTASexy Killers is an Indonesian documentary movie which has taken everyone's breath away while they watch it. Dandy Dwi Laksono as the movie director and the Watchdog Documentary as the production house shows the links between Indonesian coal and energy companies and the country’s political elite in this movie. This movie became popular since it was officially released 3 days before the general election, which is on April 17, 2019.

You could find 3 major communities when you put sexy killers on the Twitter searching bar as the keyword, they are the supporters for presidential candidates no.1, supporters for candidates no.2, and the abstentions. And yet, today, April 22, 2019, right in the Earth Day the movie back to be the most popular topic on the internet. Let's analyze the movie according to the Drone Emprit Academic.

Getting more popular by April 18, 2019

First of all, the links between Indonesian coal and energy companies and the country’s political elite has become the major reason why this movie became so popular in Indonesia.

Second of all, it has a right timing of release. This movie was released on April 5, 2019 which was closed to the Indonesian presidential election 2019. It gained lots of reactions and feedbacks from the viewers.

There was an open discussion on February 11, 2019 about the mining oligarch behind the presidential election scheme. And then the movie spread and reached around 6 millions online viewers.


Taken from the Drone Emprit Academik there are several other countries that follow and watch the movie from England, south Korea, USA, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Chile, and Turkey.

Jakarta become the biggest city in Indonesia which discussed about this movie and mention it on Twitter by 2131 times, bigger than Bandung and Yogjakarta.


There are 5 interesting tweets which has been retweeted for thousand times by the twitters, they are @safirawww, stand up comedian Uus @uusbiasaaja, @mnhadii, @pervertauditor, and @andori. All these 5 tweets has a different idea and perspective about the movie.


Enlargement of topic discussion

Some of the tweets are not focus on the topic. Some of it even discussed about the geological students of ITB, some issues on both candidates, sinister, and some positive feedback which ask the viewers not to be abstain during the election.


@pervertauditor tweet that has been retweeted by 3.617 times saying about the phenomenon on the ITB graduates which no longer work on their field. "All the geological students of ITB, what do you think about this movie? Oops sorry, I didn't even remember that you all now been working for Bank Mandiri,".

@mnhadii tweet that been retweeted for 3.879 times was saying about the imbalance of the news coverage. "Why it's only pointing the Luhut PLTU and Coal Mining when Prabowo has about 15 coal mining in Indonesia?"

@Andori said: "People are busy about being abstain on the election after watching Serial Killers, me? I would like to install a solar panels on my house after watching this movie,". This tweet was retweeted for 3.368 times.

Sexy Killers and politic

This documentary movie has attached so many viewers attention. Most of the comment and reviews tag several Twitter accounts. @kompasiana, @KwikKianGie_, @watchdog_ID, @kaesangp, @uusbiasaaja, @Uncep, anf @jatamnas are the most tagged account by the twitters.


From the data taken on 15-22 April 2019, all the the tweeters give a various reviews from the positive to negative one. A tweet from @safirawwww which has been retweeted by 6000 times said: "watching this movie, now I'm ready to plug out my electricity and change it back to conventional ways; camp fire".

A positive feedback from a standup comedian @uusbiasaaja which has been retweeted for 4.358 times said: "I watched Sexy Killers lat night, and it's awesome, these people has a big concern to the lowest,".


@ameeeeelllll wrote: "This is the time where we need to start saving the energy, and electricity by turning off the TV. Thank you Sexy Killers for the message. In line with amel @_susucoklat retweeted @henrxyz: @ikramarki "So this is the message behind this movie, to take us to save the energy by saving the electricity, dendhy laksono has such a brilliant idea,".

Today, Kompasiana has discussed this movie in order to commemorate the Earth Day, and ask the president of Indonesia Joko Widodo to watch the movie. This tweet has been retweeted more than 245 times.


@kompasiana wrote: "Pak Jokowi, please have some time to watch "Sexy Killers" for the Earth Day,". This could be mean that kompasiana asked the president to watch the actual facts and to maintain the existence of the natural resources in Indonesia (reaching 412 retweet and replies).

@KwiKianGie said: "This documentary movie, Sexy Killers has become world's trending topic, it's time to make another dicumentary about the election fraud 2019, so that the world knows that there are some criminal politicians in this country,". What a day, event politic still become the main issues on this Earth Day.

@bonicular tweet has a deep meaning on it: "Sexy killers is so popular, and earth day is so underrated". What a pity, that in Indonesian community the public interest has less value than political interest. So naive. (*)


*Written by: Finsensius Yuli Purnama, a lecturer at FIKOM, Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya

*)This opinion is fully become the writer's responsibility.

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
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