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Arema FC Change Their Routine Training Schedule During the Ramadhan

Arema FC Change Their Routine Training Schedule During the Ramadhan Arema FC coach, Milomir Seslija. (FOTO: Tria Adha/TIMES Indonesia)
Tuesday, 07 May 2019 - 15:18

TIMESHONGKONG, MALANGArema FC, a popular Malang football club who just won the national championship of football competition in Indonesia keep practicing during the Ramadhan. It just that they change the routine schedule to honor and respect those moslem players in conducting their fasting.

"We did some change on the schedule during the Ramadhan, usually we will start the training at 14.30, but now we started it at 15.45 to respect the moslem players," Milomir Seslija said.

This schedule change was aimed in order to let the moslem players conduct their late afternoon prayer before training. Even before the Ramadhan this kind of tolerance act has been conducted by this football club especially regarding to the prayer time.

There are at least 3 official competition at Liga 1 and 1 friendly match will be faced by this football Club during the Ramadhan. PSIS Semarang will be their first competitor during the Ramadhan on the friendly match.

PSS Sleman will wait for them on the Liga 1 after the friendly match. Borneo FC and Persela Lamongan will be the other two competitor on Liga 1 during the Ramadhan by the Arema FC Malang. (*)

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