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Girls, This are the Causes Why You Got Chapped Lips

Girls, This are the Causes Why You Got Chapped Lips Illustration. (Picture by: Istimewa)
Wednesday, 19 June 2019 - 14:28

TIMESHONGKONG, JAKARTA – It is so annoying to have a chapped lips. It could ruin your perfect make up as well eliminating your self esteem. But do you what cause them? Well, here are some reason why you get a chapped lips.

1. Sun exposure

The skin of your lips is thin and delicate, so dry winter air and sun exposure can easily damage it. Coat your lips with protective lip balm to prevent sun damage, and add a scarf or face mask if you'll be outside longer in winter.

2. Weather

When winter comes, the humidity level in your room will be decreased. This will lead your lips become cracked or chapped. You need to put an air moisturizer in your room during this time.

2. Licking your lips

Kicking your lips wouldn't make you get away from a chapped lips. It will make it even worse. Saliva evaporates quickly, and the same chemicals in our saliva that kick off digestion will eat away at your lip skin with excessive licking.

3. Dehydration

Many of us don't drink enough water. We also don't eat enough fresh vegetables and fruit, which are high in liquid. Drink plenty of liquids, but go easy on the booze and coffee, which can make dehydration worse.

4. Mouth breathing

Remeber, you have a nose to breath unless its bumped. Try to always use your nose instead of breathing through your mouth.

5. You need more Healthy Fat on your diet

Healthy fat is ki ind of a lubricant for your healthy skin. Enjoy high quality coconut oil and olive oil, walnuts, MCT fatty acids, schmaltz, grassfed butter and other nutrient dense fats. 

6. Nutrient and Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamin deficiencies such as low levels of iron, zinc, and B vitamins may lead to cracks at the corners of your mouth and dry lips. Try adjusting your diet by consuming more red meat, dried beans, dark leafy greens for iron and oysters, beef, spinach, pumpkin seeds for zinc. Consume more good with high folate and vitamin B6 and B12.

7. Reactions to Lip Products or Toothpaste

Trying anew product for your lips might quiet fun. But it could have a bad effect especially for you who has a sensitive skin. Some toothpaste and lip products may contain ingredients that cause an allergic reaction in sensitive cases. Try to always pursue the thing that suit your lips or at least find out some product that contains almost the same contents.

8. Irritating Foods

Citrus and other acidic foods, salty foods, spicy foods and very rough or dry foods could be another cause of chapped lips. Eat carefully, avoiding the lip area, or just skip them to avoid a chapped lips occure on your beautiful lips. (*)

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