Celebrating Satu Suro, the Locals of Srigonco Village Threw Offerings to the Sea

Celebrating Satu Suro, the Locals of Srigonco Village Threw Offerings to the Sea Throwing offerings to the sea to celebrate Satu Suro in Balekambang Beach (PHOTO: Binar Gumilang/TIMES Indonesia)
Friday, 04 October 2019 - 14:08

TIMESHONGKONG, MALANG – Satu Suro or 1 Muharram 1441 H was celebrated by the locals in Srigonco Village, Bantur sub-district, Malang, by throwing offerings to the sea in Balekambang Beach on Monday, 2 September 2019.

The 113th ritual was led by the Head of Srigonco Village, Bambang Setyono. Before performing the ritual, there were several processions.

First, the offerings were collected in the seashore. They were put inside the offering box which resembles a miniature of a house with blue and yellow color and some ornaments.

The offerings, which consisted of foods and fruits, were put inside the offering box. Then, the locals said their prayer.

Next, the locals lifted the offering box together into the sea. This procession was participated by the CEO of PD Jasa Yasa Malang that organizes Balekambang Beach, Ahmad Faiz Wildan.

This procession was also attended by the Head of Tourism and Culture Office of Malang, Dr Made Arya Wedanthara, SH MSi, and some members of Muspika (Subdistrict Leaders) Bantur.

 “This ritual aims to preserve ancient tradition of Srigonco Village, Bantur sub-district,” said Ahmad Faiz Wildan to TIMES Indonesia.

This ritual is an annual event. Moreover, throwing offerings to the sea has been done from generation to generation.

 “This ritual has been performed for more than 100 years. Nowadays, it even becomes one of the tourist attraction. That’s why, we will organize this event to be better on the near future. It aims to attract more visitors to Balekambang Beach,” he said.

Besides Larung Sesaji, there is also another ritual held in Balekambang Beach, which is Jalanidhi Puja, which is held by the Hindus. In fact, this ritual also captivates tourists’ interest. (*)

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