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Eathouse Took Wayang Kulit Show to Their Cafe

Eathouse Took Wayang Kulit Show to Their Cafe Edo, a puppeteer showed his skill at the Eathouse Cafe, Caruban. (Picture by: Yupi Apridayani/TIMES Indonesia)
Monday, 09 December 2019 - 02:06

TIMESHONGKONG, MADIUN – Thinking out of the box may be has become one must thing to donat Eathouse Galery Budaya & Cafe CarubanMadiun. They held a puppet show (Wayang Kulit) that usually could only be enjoyed at a huge area such fields or a hall on Saturday (7/12/2019).

The puppet show or wayang normally will be performed by a puppeteer accompanied with gamelan orchestra. Most of the audience were also those senior citizens.

But this Cafe walk beyond the boundaries and took all the millenial which mainly become their customers to enjoy the show. All of them were taken deeper into the beautiful way of the puppeteer play the puppet.

"We would like to preserve the local culture by taking wayang to our Cafe. And we would like to introduce it to the youngster as our customers," Musa Hendri Setiawan, the owner of  Eathouse said.

On its first same event, Musa holds 6 puppeteer to perform on his Cafe for a full night to dawn. Though it's not performed on a huge space the Wayang Kulit (puppet show) at Eathouse Galery Budaya & Cafe Caruban, Madiun is one worth attraction to visit.(*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Ahmad Rizki Mubarok